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Chapter 1 The green consumer

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chapter 1 the green consumer
一. 教学内容:
chapter 1 the green consumer reading 1
二. 知识总结与归纳
1. atmosphere
  the rocket went up through the atmosphere and into the space.
2. drown
  some plants will drown if you water them too much.
3. environment
  if we destroy our environment, we will destroy ourselves.
4. erosion
  sand is created by the erosion of rocks.
5. fuels
  coal is one of the cheapest fuels.
6. layers
  when it is cold, you need an extra layer of clothes.
7. lifeless
  we think that mars is a lifeless planet.
8. massive
  i’ve got a massive of work to do.
9. occur
  if an earthquake occurs in california, many people may die.
10. pollute
  your smoking is polluting the air in this room.
11. pollution
   you can see the pollution on the beach.
12. threat
  crime is a serious threat to any society.
13. vital
  oxygen is vital for life.
14. be in danger
  the guns sounded very near. they were in danger.
15. first of all
  first of all, we should try our best to learn english.
16. keep sb. from doing sth.
  the mother keeps her son from playing matches.
17. take in
18. what to do with sth. = how to deal with sth.
19. a kind of
  detective ken had a kind of suspicion that lee had stolen his own vase at first.
20 the greenhouse effect
  a. 回答p2 a look and think的问题
     回答p2 b find the facts的问题
  b. 1) what does the book tell us?
    2) what is the atmosphere like on the moon?
    3) why is the atmosphere around the earth changing worse?
    4) how high is the ozone above the ground?
    5) what may happen without the ozone?
    6) what can make the greenhouse effect become worse?
    7) what are our bad habits that can make the earth dirty?
    8) how do you understand the title “the green consumer”?